Diet Plan Options

I nearly forgot I had a diet and exercise journal. The past couple months have been so bad for my diet. I basically went on a binge eating kick, and this week, I'm feeling it. I've got to do something about how I feel.

This weekend I was watching Marie Osmond on the Miracle Network marathon. She looks amazing! Seeing how good she really looks got me thinking about how she lost the weight. She went with the Nutrisystem program. I realize she was on dancing with the stars, and all those hours of working out in practice had a lot to do with her weight loss. However, with any diet, I know I need to exercise. I may not need as tough a workout as her dancing with the stars workout, but exercise is a key factor in losing weight and getting fit.

So now I'm looking at my options for my diet. I checked into Nutrisystem a little. Preplanned meals sounds so easy. I'm not sure I like the whole idea of taking my food out of a package and popping it into the microwave. Is Nutrisystem the best option I have? Not really. I don't think it will work for me. I like to cook. However, cooking seems to be my downfall right now. On the other hand, even if I do go with preplanned meals for my diet, I will have to figure out something for my family for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As amazing as Marie Osmond looks, and how well the diet worked for her, I don't think I can do Nutrisystem at this stage in my life.

One of my friends has been doing the Atkins diet. He looks so wonderful right now. He's eating low carb healthy. He fills up with high fiber vegetables, and his protein is lean fish, pork, poultry, and some red meat. He has cut out starchy white food. He doesn't eat white potatoes, rice, sugar, corn, and he stays away from anything with regular flour. He's happy with his results and he looks great. He's not working in any extra workouts. I wonder if he walked or added in strength training and some cardio how he would lose.

Another option I'm looking into is the weight watcher's program. I know so many women who have done weight watchers with a lot of success. It takes more time to lose the weight than the other programs seem to, but the women I know, have kept the weight off. The eating habits they learn from weight watchers stick with them, contributing to their success.

I don't know what I'm doing for my diet. I know I need to do something, as I continue walking. Getting outside for a walk is a daily habit for me. I walk 2 to 3 miles a day, and that adds up over time. I'm glad I didn't fall back into bad habits, as far as my exercise goes. At least that is one thing I've got going for my health right now.

I will continue looking at my diet options and maybe I'll figure out what I'm doing soon.


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My Top 5 New Favorite Foods

Last night I posted my top 5 favorite bad foods. Tonight I thought I'd post my new favorite foods that I can eat without feeling guilty. I really don't miss the bad foods too much when I have all these new favorites on my list!

  1. Watermelon is at the top of my list. It's the perfect summertime dessert. When it's served right out of the fridge it is so good, I don't even miss having ice cream!
  2. Charcoal grilled chicken breast. When I have the grill fired up, I grill extra so it's always in the fridge. Grilled chicken on a leafy greens & vegie salad with a light dressing is so yummy at the end of a hot day. Not that we are having many hot days here in Seattle, but I can always hope!
  3. Icy cold flavored water. It's a low calorie refresher when everyone around me is having a soda.
  4. Grilled fish. I didn't even know you could grill fish until I started this diet. I don't like it as smokey as my chicken, so I don't close the lid on my grill while the fish is cooking.
  5. Dill pickles. I love them icy cold and crunchy. They only have about 5 calories a serving. Yum!

Summer has to be the best season to be on a diet. All those yummy fresh fruits on the market these days. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and grilled chicken or fish. Yummy!

50 pounds in 50 weeks: Top 5 Favorite Bad Foods

50 pounds in 50 weeks: Top 5 Favorite Bad Foods

JFarrlley of 50 pounds in 50 weeks has listed his top 5. Here are my top 5 guilty food pleasures:
  • A grande vanilla latte is my favorite pleasure, but at nearly 350 calories there is no way I'm indulging in this treat. I'm loving my 2 cups of coffee I allow myself daily. 1 TBS Half & half and sweetner is included in my daily calorie count.

  • Alfy's Royal pizza is loaded with all the toppings. I will pass on the loaded pizza, I have had a slice of a vegie, with a teensy sprinkle of cheese pizza without killing my calorie count for the day

  • Fish and chips with a bowl of clam chowder from Ivars. Instead of the deep fried fish and chips, I'm opting for grilled fish with steamed vegies on the side and I skip the potatoes. It's not the same, but I'm happy with my substitution.

  • Toasted cheese sandwiches! OMG!!! I miss the bread and the cheese! I love melted cheese on anything and everything! I'm not even going to allow regular cheese back into the house because it's too much of a temptation. lol

  • Waffuls, pancakes, french toast. Anything with syrup. I know there are low cal syrups on the market and whole wheat waffuls, but I'm not going to indulge yet. I'm afraid I might over indulge. lol Years of knowing my eating habits have proven me right on this one!

    There ya have it, my top 5 bad foods. The top of the list bad foods I consumed most often and probably the reason I gained so much weight to begin with.
  • Looking Into Gym Membership

    It has been wet and cold for a few days, and since I hate walking in the rain, I have been considering joining a gym. My problem with that is simple. I'm fat. When I walk past the windows of the gyms I notice all those skinny chics in next-to-nothing outfits. Because I'm fat, I'm really not comfortable with the idea of joining a gym right now. The dilemma of it all.

    I walked 4 miles in the past 2 days. Only 44 miles to go this month!

    On The Move Again

    This lazy momma is on the move again! I got up from the computer last night without much motivation, but I did get up and I went for a walk. I wouldn't call it a heart healthy walk. It was more like a mozey, but I was up and moving. I'm glad I did it. Now I can mark my daily challenge as done. That alone was the tiny bit of motivation to get away from the couch.

    A good night of sleep and I'm up and around as usual for Monday. I've completed my Monday morning workout.

    I'm on my way to walking 60 miles this month!

    Lazy Momma

    I didn't want to get up this morning. My bed was so cozy and I had a late night. This is the exact reason I need to be sure to get to bed early. It's on my list of weekly goals. Today I feel sleep deprived. I wanted to stay on the couch and watch lifetime movies all day long.

    I haven't walked today. I know I need to go for a walk. It's early evening. I can get in a mile or two if I can find the motivation to get up and walk.

    She Noticed Even if My Family Didn't

    My immediate family knows I'm walking and watching my calorie intake. They haven't said one word about how I look. I can wear a size smaller jeans now YAY ME! But nobody in my family has commented. I've been thinking, well, my weight loss must not show. But my girlfriend noticed! I thought oh, that's a girlfriend's obligation to say something about it. But she was serious. I know her well enough to know she wasn't out to make me feel good. She was serious with her compliment.

    Visual Goals

    Visual Goals